Power Ten Productions
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We’re a crew of passionate storytellers who believe films have the power to express what words and ads can’t say. We know that stories, like companies, have their own distinct challenges and triumphs, which is why we’ll never suggest one-size-fits-all formulas or trust what worked for one product will work for yours. Every video we create is a unique reflection of your vision and the dynamic team that drives it.


In rowing, a coxswain calls “power 10”–a command for rowers to give their 10 best strokes–as a strategic move to edge out the competition. We bring the same approach to your marketing plan. Our philosophy is asking the right questions, so we can get to the heart of your story and your revenue goals. And we’re always thinking of inventive ways to achieve them. (We once secured a free tram for a music video shoot and a free gym for Halo Neuroscience.)

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Power Ten Productions is an end to end production studio. That means we take your video from concept to finish–and we take it personally. We see ourselves as allies to your brand’s success. From monitoring our sleep with Basis to becoming regulars at Jacks N Joe to throwing up during our first workout at CrossFit South Bay, we’re passionately invested in every project.